NLP, Jul, Aya Nakamura… artists and tracks listened to by 2019 on Spotify

PNL, Jul, Aya Nakamura... Les artistes et titres les plus écoutés en 2019 sur Spotify

NLP, Jul, Aya Nakamura… Top 10 artists and tracks listened to by 2019 on Spotify

At the end of the year, Spotify has made several top-10 : the artists, titles and albums most listened to in 2019. And the platform of streaming music has also unveiled the same rankings on the decade ! The French singers such as NLP, Jul or Aya Nakamura draw their pin of the game.

Spotify celebrates 10 years of tubes and artists

After his top 10 Christmas songs the most listened to, Spotify offers you to discover the top 10 of the decade and the year 2019. On the side of the rankings on these last ten years, one realizes that on the streaming platform, music, the French talent such as NLP, Jul and Aya Nakamura are far more listened to than the international stars.

Outside Shape of You Ed Sheeran and One Dance to Drake in feat. with Kyla and WizKid, the French have more listened to French songs since 2010. Ditto on the top 10 of the most listened artists of the decade, except for Drake, all the others are frenchy !

Also note that the younger generation is very present with, for example, Angela and Aya Nakamura who come only to see their popularity explode with an album that was released less than a year, and who are already in the top ten.

We also note that the genre of music most listened to by the French on Spotify remains the rap and hip-hop.

Top 10 tracks streamed on Spotify since 2010

1. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

2. NLP – The DD

3. Damso – Θ. Macarena

4. Niska – Networks

5. Damso, Kalash – Mwaka Moon

6. Drake, Kyla, WizKid – One Dance

7. Vald – Out Of Tune

8. Aya Nakamura – Djadja

9. Ninho, Rim’K – Air Max

10. Ninho – Drop of water

Top 10 artists most listened to on Spotify since 2010

1. Jul

2. NLP

3. Ninho

4. Damso

5. Nekfeu

6. Booba

7. Niska

8. Drake

9. Maître Gims

10. Orelsan

Cocorico !

And in 2019, the observation is the same as that of the decade that has just ended. This year again, the singers and rappers French, who dominate the ranks of Spotify. Outside the tube , the Old Town Road – Remix of Lil Nas featuring Billy Ray Cyrus (father of Miley Cyrus), all the other titles that are part of the most listened to are interpreted in French.

In the top 10 of the albums and the most listened artists in 2019, there is simply not a single installment or a single star foreign, all are frenchy.

Top 10 songs, the most listened to 2019

1. The DD – NLP

2. Drop of water – Ninho

3. Mom doesn’t know – Ninho (feat. Niska)

4. Drug – Booba, Niska

5. Khapta – Heuss bastard, Sofiane

6. The life that one leads – Ninho

7. Balance your what – Angèle

8. It is good his mother – Ninho, Vegedream

9. Old Town Road (Remix) – Lil Sin, Billy Ray Cyrus

10. Too beautiful – Lomepal

Top 10 most played albums in 2019

1. “Destiny” – Ninho

2. “Amina / Jeannine” – Lomepal

3. “Two brothers” – NLP

4. “The stars wandering : expansion” – Nekfeu

5. “In the spirit” – Heuss bastard

6. “Mr. Sal” – Niska

7. “Brol” – Angela

8. “Scars” – Zola

9. “Nothing, 100-Nothing – Jul

10 . “Nakamura” – Aya Nakamura

Top 10 of the most listened artists in 2019

1. Ninho

2. NLP

3. Nekfeu

4. Jul

5. Niska

6. Koba LaD

7. Lomepal

8. Damso

9. Roméo Elvis

10. Booba

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