NLP : these reactions show that the output of the “Two brothers” has already marked the history of rap

PNL : ces réactions prouvent que la sortie de "Deux frères" a déjà marqué l'histoire du rap

“Two brothers” NLP : the reactions of crazy fans in the face of the release of the album

The wait was long, but it was worth it ! NLP has not messed with his new album “Two brothers”, released this Friday, April 5, 2019, if one believes the reactions of crazy fans : of genius, a masterpiece… A return in force to Ademo and N. O. S !

The group NLP is very, very, very strong in terms of suspense and mystery. For evidence, after “ammonia,” and ’91’s”, the two brothers have disappeared, before coming back a few months later with several messages for teaser for their return. With a huge hit on the key as the clip “DD”, shot to the top of the Eiffel Tower; has 38 million views on YouTube ! Ademo and N. O. S have the pressure, since their third album “Two brothers”, which was leaked this week, is now available everywhere !

“Two brothers”, the “masterpiece timeless” of NLP

A third album, consisting of 17 unreleased songs and is available in two different versions, which has already had all the votes from admirers of NLP. It must be said that they were waiting for this mega long. Their reaction, therefore, is without appeal : they are completely crazy in the face, a result of “Two brothers”. “Masterpiece Timeless“, “This is the best album of the year and far away“, “Incredible album of NLP. This is a great day in the history of rap francs“, “This is the bomb“, can we read on Twitter. “Two brothers” is also in TT France, the proof that the opus proved a massive hit ! At least, the leak didn’t spoil the enthusiasm !

In any case, the release of the new album of NLP, consisting of titles such as “Zulu Tchaing”, “Chang”, “Hasta la vista”, “Shenmue”, “SD”, “91’s” and “ammonia”, is not output as the other. It is rare to see so much hysteria around for an album. The success is so far from being ended for the two brothers rappers beats records on Deezer, YouTube and Spotify. The figures are about again to be incredible, even historic !


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