NMA 2019 : Gavin James snubbed, M. Pokora mocked… the highlights of the ceremony

NMA 2019 : Gavin James snobé, M. Pokora moqué... les moments forts de la cérémonie

NMA 2019 : Gavin James snubbed, M. Pokora hijacked… the highlights of the ceremony

It is this Saturday the 9th of November was held the ceremony of the NMA 2019 (NRJ Music Awards). And like every year, we had the right to many moments. The program ? An outfit not validated for M. Pokora, a bad buzz for Nikos with Gavin James and a Cauet acclaimed.

The required non-validated M. Pokora

Without surprise, it is still Mr. Pokora, who walked away with the trophy of the male Artist French-speaking at the NMA 2019. What we had not anticipated, however, it was the outfit he would wear on stage to claim his prize. And the least we can say is that his vest way “life jacket” has a lot of laughs from visitors. We can’t win all the time.

Nikos has learned the lesson

Bad news for Malay TV, Nikos has not been again deceived on the name of Aya Nakamura. Remember, the facilitator’s flagship TF1 had a reputation “Yaka Nakamura” in the past year. A disappointment for Users, who have decided to make fun of him and his caution absolute during the ceremony.

But a bad buzz for Nikos when even

A ceremony of the NMA 2019 without bad buzz of Nikos would not be a memorable ceremony. So, for our greater happiness, the facilitator had decided to be disrespectful to Gavin James. Yes, when he wanted to take a photo of the many stars present in the room at Cannes, he simply asked the singer… to hide his head in order not to spoil his shot. Sacred Nikos, see you next year.

Ariana Grande learns his victory thanks to a fan

Ariana Grande has done well to spend her Saturday night on Twitter. And for good reason, it is thanks to a fan who was apprehended on her account she learned about her victory in the category “Best female Artist international”. A situation also unlikely to worship, we love it !

Cauet made the show with Manu

This year, the atmosphere was rather soft on the board of the NMA 2019. Fortunately, we have been able to count on Cauet to bring a little humor during the ceremony thanks to a duo improbable with Manu Levy of 6/9. It was short but cool, and it has obviously given some ideas to the internet Users. Yes, some argue already to see the facilitator cult of NRJ to become the presenter in place of Nikos next year. The message is sent to TF1.

Bilal Hassani puts eyeful

Bilal has not only won the prize of revelation of the year in the NMA 2019, he won the prize (unofficial) the best outfit of the ceremony. On the red carpet of the show, the singer is, in fact, arrived in a beautiful princess dress. Even his cry of victory on the stage was not as cool as that. A real king.

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