No hospital support after daughter's death: 'We were left to our own devices'

No hospital support after his death girl: “We were left to our own devices” DAY 

<p><strong>Eight months after the death of a 4-year-old girl who was carried away shortly after contracting COVID-19, her mother looks back on the circumstances of the tragedy to denounce the lack of support she has experienced upon leaving the hospital.</strong> </p>
<p>Little Lexie Allison lost her life barely 24 hours after being admitted to intensive care at CHUL on January 17.</p>
<p>This is fulminant myocarditis, an inflammation of the muscle tissue of the heart causing tissue death, which got the better of the little girl.  </p>
<p>If it was first believed that COVID-19, which she was carrying, was solely responsible for this tragedy , however, other factors may have been taken into account according to the coroner in the file. Lexie was also infected with an adenovirus and a metapneumovirus. </p>
<p>“If this myocarditis is most probably of viral origin, there is nothing to confirm it or even to specify the virus or viruses potentially responsible for this pathology”, specifies Dr. Jean-Marc Picard, in his recently filed report.  </p>
<p> Lexie Allison </p>
<p><strong>Lack of support</strong> </p>
<p>The child's mother took advantage of the release of the document in recent days to denounce the lack of support obtained following the tragedy.</p>
<p>When her daughter had just died, she was simply told to go home.</p><!-- adman_adcode (middle, 1) --><script async=

“We were left on our own, completely lost. It doesn't make sense to have had to return home in the state we were in, ”laments Joanie Patry, who had as her only comfort a box with her daughter's personal effects and a duvet of hair.&nbsp ;

According to him, the hospital would have told him that there was no social worker available on site since the incident occurred in the middle of the night. 

“What would it have been like to at least give us leaflets for accessible resources, tell us how to explain the situation to our children or refer us to someone to help us through the crisis? “, Plagues the mother of the family. 

Impact on healing

It has already been eight months since little Lexie breathed her last, a fate his parents face one day at a time.

Although grieving is always difficult to live with, Ms. Patry agreed to open up to Journal in the hope that other parents do not have to go through what she went through.&nbsp ;

“Personally, it had a big impact on my recovery, I was very angry at the way we were treated,” she concludes.

< strong>Care

Refusing to comment on this case, the CHU de Québec however indicated that when a death occurs at night, “the bereaved are taken care of by the team clinic that is able to intervene appropriately”.

A social worker must then take over to assess needs, intervene and direct people to organizations offering appropriate services.

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