No housing due to the pandemic

Pas de logement à cause de la pandémie

A tenant of Repentigny is frustrated not to be able to move as expected on Thursday because of delays on construction sites caused by the pandemic COVID-19.

“If I leave, I’m in the street. I have nowhere to go “, says Karine Couture.

The 41 year old woman, her husband and her three children had moved into a new apartment Thursday in Repentigny, on the North Shore. However, the pandemic is coming to upset his plans.

“I learned at the last minute, on the 28th of June, that my new home was still under construction and that it will not be ready before August 31. I had my movers and everything was ready to go out on 2 July, ” says the woman who works in the retail trade.

Running out of options, Ms. Couture chose to remain in the apartment where she lives since four years, even if the lease came to an end on 30 June. The owner, unhappy with the situation, was called before the Régie du logement, so she will leave the scene as soon as possible.

“[We] advised me to stay until the 31st of August since I probably won’t have my hearing before that date. It wants to that I endure bailiffs and full of business just because the measures are going to be long. I was completely stunned ! ” says Ms. Couture.

“I feel like a squatteuse. “

In April, the government announced that it was going to come to the aid of people who find themselves without a roof because of the delays in the construction sector.

“In the meantime, it offers me to live in a hotel or in a chalet. With both dogs and children, a hotel, this is simply not possible and the chalets, there is not in Repentigny, ” says Ms. Couture.

“Through the mesh “

For Véronique Laflamme, spokesperson of the Front for popular action on urban redevelopment, which defends the right to housing, this situation reveals a bigger problem.

“There are several that pass through the meshes of the program announced by the government,” she says.

“It’s been many years that we haven’t seen a July 1, also difficult. The pandemic comes to really accentuate the housing crisis in a context where it is already difficult to find a place to live, ” adds Ms. Laflamme.

Following calls from the Log, the Société d’habitation du Québec was contacted by Karine Couture to try to find him a home booster.

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