No longer fashionable: the TOP 7 antitrend this fall

Find out what went out of fashion in the new season

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The correspondent of “Today” along with stylists have compiled a list of antitrend this fall. What things give no taste – learn more.

Stylist Irene of Vincuk for rational dressing room, where a few things, but they are all relevant. So before you go shopping, remember the main antitrend season.

TOP 7 antitrend fall 2019

In the first place – too tight things. For example, skinny jeans.

“Skinny with a low rise, not high – this is, unfortunately, full reverse Trendelenburg. Our silhouettes find free form! And the thing, and the body must breathe, they must be space,” says stylist.

This recommendation also applies to the shirts and outerwear, namely, leather jackets. From the old slinky jackets black leather jackets also need to get rid of, because in fashion, more free styles.

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Leather jacket oversize actual fall 2019

“You see here the silhouette is absolutely not fitted, there is no emphasis on the waist, it is free. This style is quite admissible,” advises Irena of Wintuk.

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Second place “unfashionable top” is a bag in the color of the Shoe.

A common fashion mistake – the bag and shoes the same color. Monochrome combination was fashionable in 2000, almost 20 years ago. It is relevant to the accessory and the shoes differ in color, and even better style.

Уже не модно: ТОП-7 антитрендов этой осени

Forget about the combination of bags and shoes in tone on tone

Then deal with coats: “We are talking about autumn. The coat should be structured. What does the structural – it should keep the shape, and the knee-length thing of the past. Trendy long styles and coats-coats.

Soft jackets, ripped jeans, blouses with cowl neckline and dress, hoodie also joined the list of undesirable purchases for this fall.

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