“No pathos”: Oleg Vinnik admitted, as noted birthday

The singer celebrated the holiday in Corfu

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People’s favorite Oleg winnick, who recently admitted as relates to his fans, spoke about the concert, which “broke”, and Sergey Canines – about how the team “БЕZ you like” decided to give a concert in “Olympic”. Exclusive news celebrity shared at the gala-concert “the Hit-the conveyor” in the “Sravi way”.

The contest of young performers of the channel M2 is the fourth time that reveals new talents. But behind the scenes already famous stars talking about the future competition.

“I believe that every artist needs to feel the competition, because it motivates,” says Artem Pivovarov.

But Oleg Vinnik just a couple of days before their performance at the Song festival grounds lit under German band Rammstein.

“You know, honestly, the age, I don’t like that word, go snag it. But today I can say that I just Rammstein torn to pieces. Oleg sat at the concert… and in that moment the first time I felt that I’m losing my mind”, says winnick.

Also exclusive Oleg told how he spent his birthday in Corfu.

“We had no pathos. This time I was on holiday in Corfu and did not go anywhere from the Villa, and I the first three days just slept. I’m at the pool there lay on this couch and just sleep,” – says the artist

And here the soloist of group “БЕZ you like” revealed the ambitious plans at the end of the year. First, the musicians on the days going on tour to 120 cities! And secondly, he swung at the Playground, which on a teeth not everyone.

"Никакого пафоса": Олег Винник признался, как отметил день рождения

Group БЕZ you like

“We have announced today is “Olympic”. I wasn’t kidding. We will have a “Lviv arena” and “Olimpiyskiy” – the end of this tour. From September starts the advertising campaign for these shows.”

And, of course, do not forget about the main goal of the evening. The winner of the “Hit-the conveyor” is the singer Ilchy, she received the main prize – “promotion in a million”. So, it seems that soon in the news we will tell you about this star.

Earlier we wrote that Oleg Vinnik introduced dramatic track “Close on earth”.

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