No recovery at Porter Airlines before the end of the summer

Pas de reprise chez Porter Airlines avant la fin de l’été

The air carrier Porter Airlines is delaying the 31st August of the resumption of its flights, a month later than planned.

The activities of the airline in toronto to start again on the 29th of July, but the company has finally decided not to resume service before the end of the summer.

This decision was taken “in light of travel restrictions on government that is still in force”, said in a press release sent Monday.

The lifting of the border closures and quarantines mandatory for the travellers is essential for a successful recovery, ” said president and CEO of Porter Airlines, Michael Deluce.

“We believe that we are approaching the time where people will be able to travel more freely and we are optimistic that the closure of borders major and quarantines mandatory will be relaxed, so that we can resume our activities”, he stated, however.

As the situation remains uncertain, the carrier has indicated that it would not impose a change fee and cancellation on travel purchased between today and August 31.

In normal times, Porter Airlines serves major airports in the country, including Quebec and Montreal, and a few cities in the north-eastern United States.

All of these links are suspended because of the COVID-19 since march 21.

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