No rewards parasites, the ceremony of “Oscar” came to life in a fun caricature

Никаких наград паразитам, церемония "Оскар" ожила в забавной карикатуре

today, 04:45

On the Internet discuss the cartoon where the Russian cartoonist Sergei Yelkin defeated the title of the film-winner of the main prize of the film award “Oscar”.

The original image the artist posted on his channel on Telegram.

Recently, the U.S. held the annual awards for the best achievements in the film industry. A large number of awards, among them best film of last year, was awarded to the film “Parasites” pona South Korean Director Joon-Ho.

Russian cartoonist has created a funny picture of two dogs who suffer from flea bites, commented on the Committee’s decision and say they would never have given the main prize to the movie with the same name.

Никаких наград паразитам, церемония "Оскар" ожила в забавной карикатуре

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The picture has collected a large number of likes and shares.

Recall that the tape “Parasites” tells the story of a poor family oppressed the Koreans, who get the chance to improve their lives. First randomly, and then after a series of frauds, all members of the family, get a job in a wealthy family. The denouement of the movie is tragic, not because one of the Central personalk dying, and because class conflict in fact has not disappeared: the rich do not perceive poor people in General.

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