No rush to the restaurants

Pas de cohue vers les restaurants

Maude Ouellet

Very few customers went to eat in the restaurants in montreal, Monday noon, during their first day of reopening after more than three months of closure.

“There’s not really a surprise, this is the first day of reopening. It is not necessary to expect that it restarts immediately, we will more enjoy Wednesday, where it will be less hot, and what’s more, this will be the ” Saint-Jean “, argues Bruno Zarka, owner of the restaurant, The Deli, in the Old-Montreal.

After 14 weeks of closing, it is with relief that the restaurateurs of the metropolitan community of Montreal were able to reopen their doors. But with the heat wave and the start of the week, the clientele is made shy.

The terraces of the avenue du Mont-Royal were not very popular Monday to 13 h. A handful of customers were seated on the terrace of the Taverne Saint-Sacrement : it was the busiest between the streets Berri and Christophe-Colomb.

On its side, place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal was just as deserted. According to several owners, the lack of customers is primarily due to the closure of several streets to cars.

“As the City has closed all access to the Old port of Montreal, since 11 June, is like a day dead,” laments Sasha Brand, owner of the Counter 400.

But the question for restaurateurs to lose hope for as much.

Eric Luksenberg, the owner of the restaurants At Eric and Lobster Crazy on the place Jacques-Cartier, continues to be positive. “Even if it takes a little time, it is open and people are going back. “

A lot of bookings

On the side of the Ben and Florentine on the boulevard Saint-Martin, Laval, the atmosphere was also quiet. “We expect to serve more customers,” says Denis Allard, who is the manager and server for almost 20 years. The restaurant displays all the same complete for the end of the week.

Even the sound of a bell at the Houston Avenue Bar & Grill in Laval. “Tomorrow night, we have 60 people who have booked,” says Danny Panza, manager of the establishment.

“We were closed for three months and we need it rolling “, he says.

– With Elsa Iskander, QMI Agency

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