No signs that the coronavirus is seasonal, warns WHO

Pas de signe que le coronavirus est saisonnier, prévient l'OMS

Geneva | The seasons do not seem to have impact on the development of the pandemic of sars coronavirus, said on Tuesday the world Health Organization (WHO), cautioning against the illusion of being protected in the summer.

“The season seems to have no effect on the transmission of the virus,” which has made more than 650 000 deaths in the world and more than 16 million cases, said a spokesman of the organization, Margaret Harris, during a briefing virtual.

She wants to proof that among the most affected countries of the world, one, the United States, is in summer, and the other, Brazil, through the winter.

“It seems that there is an idea lingering that the virus is seasonal, ( … ), but we must all keep in mind that it is a new virus, and even if it is a respiratory virus, which are historically seasonal, this one is different,” she insisted.

Referring to the “belief” according to which the risk of infection is less in the summer, she said: “the summer is a problem. This virus likes all the seasons.”

She acknowledged, however, that the conjunction of the influenza virus, which is seasonal in nature and strike the winter – and the new coronavirus was a matter of concern and might increase the pressure on health systems.

“So we encourage everyone to get vaccinated against the flu,” she advised.

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