No tourists in Montreal

Pas de touristes à Montréal

The weeks of construction promise to be catastrophic to the hotel montreal, which recorded a decrease in traffic sometimes going up to 100 %, compared to last year, despite steep discounts.

“There are zero booking. In principle, during the month of July there is a 95 per cent occupancy and today, it is at 0 %. There is a cancellation. Everything that was booked for the month of July has been cancelled, ” said Albert Cohen, co-owner for 14 years of hotel Le Relais Lyonnais, located in the latin Quarter of Montreal.

With closed borders to the United States until the 21 of August, the quarantine of two weeks for other foreign tourists, “it is only the local clientele, and it goes in the regions,” says Mr Cohen.

Like him, Tarik Bahaj, director of operations at Auberge de La Fontaine on The Plateau-Mont-Royal, finds that it is of the ” never seen “. Last year, as of the date of July 16, her property had an occupancy rate of 98 %. This year, the hotel is struggling to reach the 20 %.

“We apply the price of the months of January and February, in addition to other discounts to try and have a peak, that we can have a little more of the world,” says Bahaj.

Le Relais Lyonnais, which has had to lay off his entire team of six people, has also lowered its rates, ” approximately 40 % “, to avoid the damage.

But even if ridership increases over the next few months, it will be impossible for hoteliers to catch up with the losses caused by the crisis.

“This is a disaster, and it will remain as long as the border has reopened’t,” says Albert Cohen.

New customers

And Tarik Bahaj abounds in the same direction. For the moment, his only customers come from Quebec or Ontario. Usually, these are more of the Europeans who are staying in his hotel.

“It’s going to have to find a different type of customer local […] with rates that have nothing to do with the price of season to be able to at least pay for the expenses and charges “, said Mr. Bahaj.

For his part, Yannick Honvo, a supervisor at the Loft Hotel Montreal, hope that last-minute reservations will be made, as is often the case.

But the latter thinks, however, that the fact that Montreal has been particularly affected during the pandemic was “afraid” to some potential tourists. The cancellation of events and festivals in montreal also weighs much in the balance, according to him.

Areas heavily frequented by tourists, usually, as the Old-Montreal, are deserted these days.

The empty streets

“We never saw Montreal in this way, supports Manuela Goya, of Tourisme Montréal. The streets are empty, yes, but Montreal is also live a little more lightly. We no longer have queues everywhere to the left and to the right. “

This does not prevent the organization to keep confidence. Even if the revival of tourism is going to be long, ” it is meant that the déconfinement inspires people to discover the city and its neighborhood “, according to Ms. Goya.

According to her, Montreal “opens more and more” and the restaurants, shops and attractions attract visitors throughout the summer.

“There is no doubt that Quebecers are going to return quietly to Montreal. It is necessary to wait for people to learn how to live again and that the feeling of security is shared by all, ” said Ms. Goya.

– With the QMI Agency

In 2019, Montreal welcomed 11.1 million tourists.

Your elected officials on leave

After months of daily press briefings to keep the public informed of the developments of the COVID-19, the prime minister François Legault will be a holiday.

During the next three weeks, he will include in Charlevoix and the eastern Townships with his wife. Mr. Legault is planning to be there to relax, walk and read.

The leader of the official opposition, the liberal Dominique Anglade, will spend a few days in a cottage in the Montérégie, with her husband and children.

The co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, Manon Massé, will take advantage of his holidays to rest and swim as often as possible in the lake near his camp. His colleague, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, will be devoted to the renovation of its new home.

The parliamentary chief of the Parti québécois, Pascal Bérubé, account be present at his county office every day, but will take the time to visit his wife in Montreal and the tour of the “garage sales” in his constituency.

Vincent Larin, QMI Agency

The VR very popular

According to the annual survey of CAA-Quebec on the vacation plans, at the end of may, 31 % of the respondents say that they are going to stay at home compared to 15 %, by 2019.

Those who intend to travel will drive in a proportion of 85 % or RV.

The CAA-Quebec has observed that the VR is “much in demand” this summer. The organization has adapted its offer to add the location of VR in its centres of Travel in partnership with CanaDream.

It also offers packages to Quebec with Groupe Germain.

– Diane Tremblay

Cruises to success

Since a few days, AML cruises, which allow to navigate on the St. Lawrence river while taking a drink or a dinner, have success. “The phone keeps ringing, the web is also under pressure ! There was an increase of approximately 40 % of reservations compared to the last few weeks, ” says Lucie Charland, executive director assistant at AML Cruises.

But the request is still nothing comparable to previous years. Usually, the customers of cruises from Montreal is 65 % foreign, but currently, a large part of the clientele comes from the greater Montreal area.

According to Ms. Charland, the cruises allow users to feel more secure, especially thanks to the great outdoors.

– Clara Loiseau

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