No travel… and no refund

Pas de voyage... et pas de remboursement

Parents who are dissatisfied with the management of funds raised for a school trip cancelled because of the COVID-19 would like to recover the money, but claim to be unable to be heard.

“It is theft !” lance Claudia Brousseau, mother of a grade 6 student at école Notre-Dame, Saint-Roch-de-l’achigan, a small village located north of Terrebonne, in Lanaudière.

Ms. Brousseau has collected 412 $ for the trip his daughter, which was to be held in Toronto from June 20 to 22 next. She would have liked to be able to recover this amount.

However, the governing board (GB) of the school voted for each student who has a brother or a younger sister who attends this school leaves him with $ 250 in his folder, regardless of the amount raised. Otherwise, he will be entitled to a gift card of $ 250 in a bookstore.

This is an improvement compared to the first decision that offered a gift card of $ 150 and that has been much maligned.

Parents who are dissatisfied who have purchased several products during the fundraising campaigns individual require to have a virtual meeting with the CE in order to hear their point.

They feel that the opportunity they have had to send an email before a meeting of the GB is insufficient.

“We stipulated that every dollar raised by our child would be in his account. We were encouraged to pick up more than the 325 $ needed to pay for meals and to finance the travel of its parent helper in need. The child should recover the sum he had collected, or the equivalent “, according to another mom, Stephanie Racette.

She resigns

Unsatisfied, Ms. Racette, who was to accompany his daughter, who has collected $ 750, has resigned from his post at the GB.

“It would have been much easier to make out a cheque to all the world, but we did not have the right “, argues the president of the GB, Shirley-Ann Richard, referring to the Frame of reference of the fundraising campaign for the school Board of Samaras (CSDS).

“I agree with the fact that it doesn’t make good sense. According to me, this represents something that looks like a fraud, but is it really a fraud in the context ? […] I don’t know, ” says Ms. Richard.

“The school Board has taken the decision to propose to the SEF suggest a 250 $ […] because ultimately, the law [on public education] not specified [what to do in this situation],” says the communications adviser of the CSDS, Sébastien Fish Hope.

Yet, another school board in Lanaudière, one of the Tributaries, has taken the decision to refund parents all money raised during fundraising campaigns individual for cancelled activities.

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