Nobody will treat Jerome Rocipon as a Number#

Plus personne ne traitera Jérôme Rocipon comme un Numéro#

Jerome Rocipon, of the late duo Number#, is committed in its own name and for the first time on the EP “hour underground” which will be released on June 16.

It was known at the beginning of this millennium with the power of Number#, in a music project conducted with Pierre Crube. Montrealers have given us two albums and a handful of video clips highlights.

Any half-tones, the directory Number# oscillated between the naivety of the “Chewing Gum Cutter” and the pessimism of “Everything is perfect”.

The critic has touted their their intelligent lyrics and the audience has acceded to their singular universe that is both melancholic and playful. And then, nothing. Jérôme and Pierre have abruptly pulled the “plug”.

“It is not really juice. I think we had done a tour of what we had to say with this project, ” says Jerome Rocipon. Four or five years after the end, it was still thought of a return. It was even put to work before realizing, very quickly, that this no longer worked.”

To start at zero

We did not expect more so this solo flight Jérôme Rocipon. After all, eleven years separate “hour underground” from the last opus Number#.

Meanwhile, the singer 42-year-old was loaned to other games. He became a researcher for a myriad of television shows in addition to carry its own documentary, an intimate film that is called “Cuckoo-the artist”.

“I’m really aware that the music world has completely changed, It is sure that I have been made aware via my work, but I’ve missed chapters because I the age I am, too. There are a lot of things that happen and that goes very quickly.”

“I feel like my debut in 2005, because I no longer really link with the world of industry. I have links of friendship with people who have stopped making music, for the most part.”

Freed from all external pressure, the gaze of others as it evokes from the first track, the musician is now alone. This mini-album is out, therefore, to the author’s account, in a manner fully independent.

The popularity is not an end in itself. Instead of aspiring to the success a second time, the composer-lyricist-performer and let go. It connects also with the acoustic guitar.

“This is really my first instrument. Moreover, at the beginning of Number#, I approached Pierre Crube with models stored on the guitar, but it is very quickly gone on to something else. It’s certainly going to surprise some people who will say ‘hey boy! That is what happens with Jerome?’, but for me it is the opposite. I’ve never been so close to where I started.”

“Hour underground” will be available on the 16th of June on Bandcamp.

Go single Bordeaux-Montreal

A native of the city of Cenon, in the South-West of France near Bordeaux, Jerome Rocipon has made its nest in the quebec metropolis at the beginning of his adult life.

It is here that he made his first steps on the labour market, here that he has realized these dreams of music he carried in him since childhood.

“Currently, I am in a phase where I feel half-French, half-Quebecois. Without saying that I am a stateless person, my roots are very random and I feel very free”, allows to know the artist.

“The language is enough for me to define myself. I don’t want to have a political message saying that, but I know that I speak French. It is the language that allows me to express everything I have inside of me. […] For real, I might not consider to sing in English.”

The taste of the exile is sometimes hereditary, or even genetic. In any case, the ancestors of Jerome Rocipon also had the wanderlust. If he identifies as a francophone first and foremost, the Montrealer of adoption owes its first name to his maternal grandfather, who is called Narciso Gerometta.

“One day, I would like to write a song in Italian. I do not speak it, but I’ve heard so much about Italian when I was young that I would be able to do amalgam. There are sounds that are still very close to the French. At the same time, I know that it would take me a lot of time. I write in a very spontaneous and it always resonates with something concrete that I have in the heart, on the inside.”

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