Nocturnal disturbances in Los Angeles: mission-troublemaker for the police

The authorities of Los Angeles were asked Tuesday to residents of the upscale neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills to moderate their holidays at home, become a “major problem” according to the police during the global pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The police and the prosecutor’s office released Tuesday a video warning that measures will be taken to deal with large rallies, which are prohibited in the framework of the fight against the spread of the disease Covid-19.

It is a “major problem” because of the loud music, “the people shout (…) at three in the morning”, and the traffic congestion in the narrow streets, advance a police officer.

“The state of intoxication on the public highway, and urinating in the streets are also a problem that we see”, explains an officer in the video. “If you can avoid these situations, then you can avoid a visit to your agency from local police to the middle of the night”.

Another police officer has urged the residents of the fashionable district of the hill to call the police in case of a lawsuit a party and take pictures and videos to share with the authorities.

“If the police are called to a feast, there will be consequences,” warned Ethan Weaver, of the office of the city attorney. He threatened prosecution and sanctions of up to six months in prison.

The office of Hollywood has received 49 appeals related to holiday last week, said captain Steve Lurie to the newspaper Los Angeles Times, 15 to 20% more than normal for a holiday weekend. “It takes a lot of time to the police”, he lamented.

The containment began in march in Los Angeles, where the epidemic has spread throughout the country. The city has loosened this containment, but the bars and restaurants remain closed.

The neighborhood of Hollywood Hills, home to celebrities and young millionaires, has already caused problems in recent years.

In February, the local authorities have banned exotic animals in the feasts of the neighborhoods and the city as a whole, for entertainment purposes, following numerous complaints from neighbours about the noise and the crowd.

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