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Max Polyakov and Association Noosfera — tangible results of 4-year-old activities. The success of the engineering schools, motivation of startups in the social and cosmic sphere

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Ноосфера Макса Полякова — портал в высокотехнологичное будущее

Max Polyakov and Association Noosfera

The sphere of mind — translated “noosphere” from the Greek. As the concept was formulated by academician Vernadsky in the mid-twentieth century. The scientist believed that the only reasonable activity of man is fundamental to the development and should be creative, not destructive. Thus was born the theory of the biosphere, and the definition of the noosphere, as the highest stage of biosphere development, appeared after the death of a scientist. The theory to this day has many supporters. These include Maxim Polyakov, a successful Ukrainian businessman, philanthropist, scientist, inventor.

Max Polyakov decides to create a Noosphere, which would bring together entrepreneurs, researchers, specialists in technical professions, enterprising young people for a common goal — creating a comfortable and secure future.

So in 2014, there is public non-profit Association, the Noosphere, whose task is the organization of events of scientific and educational character. Two years earlier, Max Polyakov became one of the founders and managing partner of venture Fund Noosphere Ventures. The Fund invests in the creation and development of innovative projects in leading technological sectors. The investment portfolio Noosphere Ventures includes about a dozen companies in the field of advertising technologies, hardware, aerospace industry.

Some of these companies, like the EOS DA and FireFly Aerospace, support the initiatives of the Association Noosfera and max Polyakov.

Engineering school of the Noosphere

The first and perhaps the most important contribution of the Noosphere in the development of Ukrainian science and education can be considered a creation of the Noosphere Engineering School (NES), engineering school on the basis of educational departments of a number of Ukrainian universities. This is not a school in the literal sense, but a network of laboratory sites, which students have the opportunity to experiment with their ideas, to bring them to life. The work is conducted under the guidance of mentors — teachers and businessmen, whose theoretical and practical experience is a powerful auxiliary tool for creative activities of young people.

The site opened first in the river, then Smoothly bringing together hundreds of volunteers to create new high-tech solutions in all spheres of human activity. Within the framework of engineering schools on the initiative of max Polyakov are dozens of events, competitions, tournaments, in which students present their design. The best projects get a start in life and their creators will be awarded prizes from the Noosphere and max Polyakov.

Key results of operations of the NES

Today, there are already some developments, created on the basis of NES and found application in various fields.


A software for the management of artillery fire was publicly released NES 29 October 2015. ArtOS allows to reduce time of preparation for the execution of combat tasks artillery calculations. The complex is in automatic mode and receives the target coordinates from a GIS, Art, amends the conditions of shooting with the ballistic and meteorological data.

ArtOS was successfully tested by units of the 55th separate artillery brigade. In July 2016, the disposal of the commander of missile troops, major-General Vyacheslav Gorbyleva complex entered service with 3 teams. The study of the principles of operation of the device took less than two days.


Mobile app to contact the police saw the light of day in 2016 and at first worked only in the river. Dnipropetrovsk police have tested the program and left her positive feedback. Work on the MyPol was conducted for several years, the application constantly receives updates.

A big plus MyPol is the possibility of an emergency call the police by pressing virtual buttons on the screen of the smartphone or tablet. This method is much faster than dial-operator. The user logs into the application and reports its data and the coordinates of the police. Thus, only one press of the SOS button that the patrol has determined who you are, where you are and arrived on the scene. MyPol has helped to rescue more than one person. The app is available for download from the App Store and Google Market and works on the territory of Ukraine.

Best Device for FAI

In the tournament “Best device for FAI”, held in may 2017, the team NES has introduced a full-featured device automatically measures the technical performance of the flight of the balloon, as well as software that identifies and displays the results of the competition online. The system is called eNavigator.

FAI, the international Federation of aviation sports, successfully tested the system on several of its Championships, in particular, at the World games 2017, and endorsed it.

By the way, this is not the first cooperation experience of the Noosphere with FAI. In 2015, the Association helped organize the European championship, and in 2016 — world flying sport, held under the auspices of the FAI. From there came the idea to max Polyakov and NES to develop for the Federation special equipment and software that would allow you to quickly and accurately count the results of the competition. In October 2017, Maxim Polyakov was awarded the honorary title of Chevalier of the FAI for his great contribution to the development of the Federation.

Equipment created for the NES FAI has:

  • the degree of protection from moisture and dirt IP67,
  • time Autonomous work in broadcast mode 3 hours standby up to 10 hours,
  • Wi Fi router range coverage up to 150 meters, sensors, GPS, Glonass, Galileo,
  • led indication
  • high accuracy of 1 cm.

Yet eNavigator is still in beta version, but will soon be finalized and will receive full application in the sports field.

EOS Media

The app is a platform for tracking and analyzing natural disasters. On its basis was created the mobile app EOS News, which covers natural disasters, shows the coordinates of the scene and the image with satellite images. Additional information about the event is generated from the media sources and social networks.

Expert support in creating this product was provided by EOS Data Analytics specialists. Max Polyakov, the company is engaged in the development and implementation of a multiplayer software for analyzing and processing data obtained by remote sensing from satellites, radar, manned and unmanned aircraft.

EOS allows Media to track natural disasters, and natural accidents is caused by human activity, to see the extent of their spread and impact on satellite images, identify patterns, make predictions, and to subsequently be able to prevent such danger.

The project was evaluated by one of the leading journalists of Silicon valley ashlee Vance, who wrote their book on the biography of the famous Elon musk. Vance visited the engineering school and max Polyakov, has tested the app EOS News and shared their impressions.

Probably, after the completion of the final testing phase EOS Media will be integrated into the main product developed by EOS — EOS Platform.

Mon Air

Mon Air — low-cost network of stations monitoring air quality, which were developed by students of the Dnieper one of the laboratories of the engineering school. The project also includes the creation of an information platform for residents of the Dnieper on the composition of the air they breathe. The platform is implemented as a online service and mobile application round-the-clock data is updated at least once per hour.

In the team’s plans NES — certification Mon Air, scale production and commercialization of the product.

These products are just the tip of the meticulous and extensive work of the engineering school max Polyakov for 4 years of existence.

Space tournaments of the Noosphere

Ноосфера Макса Полякова — портал в высокотехнологичное будущее

Engineering school of the Noosphere

In events that conduct the Noosphere and Maxim Polyakov, can participate not only students of the NES, but everyone who wants to try their hand in the development and creation of innovative solutions. Special attention Max Poles on the organization of events related to the cosmic sphere.

For the third consecutive year in the engineering school at the bottom of the Noosphere provides student space tournament Star Track. Despite the prefix “student”, age of participants is not limited. The young Kirill Blagodarov team KB Clean Orbit, Dnepr, presented at Star Track 3 their development “CleanLeo” and “CleanGeo” — apparatus for elimination of space debris in low orbit and service the satellites. The project of Kirill was among the winners of the 2018 tournament.

Max Polyakov said the importance of such educational projects and the motivation of their participants. “Today, the market of space technologies is estimated at $360 billion, and by 2026, according to forecasts Report Buyer, it will rise to $558 billion, This means that the demand for professionals in the space sector will grow, and means to inculcate an interest in engineering and reformat the training is now. Perhaps the Star Track will be one of the cornerstones of a new approach to professional education in Ukraine”, – said Maxim Polyakov.

Star Track is not the only cosmic event, organized by the Noosphere.

From 2017, the year Ukraine takes part in the international hackathon Nasa Space App Challenge. In the competition involved more than 25 thousand participants in 200 locations around the world. Two consecutive years, regional stage of the hackathon in the river organizes the Noosphere.

In the framework of the NASA competition provides its participants access to data obtained from space missions and devices by which teams have to design innovative solutions for new space projects.

Max Polyakov is expanding the territory of the Noosphere

The high interest of the Noosphere and max Polyakov to space research and the training of qualified specialists in this field is associated with the acquisition of aerospace businessman FireFly in 2017. The company, founded by American space engineer Tom Markusica, falls into financial collapse, but Max Polyakov saves her from bankruptcy.

Today FireFly Aerospace max Polyakov completes the creation of two rockets Alpha and Beta, who will be able to output in low Earth orbit satellites weighing up to 1 and 4 tons. At the same time, the cost of such launches is expected to the cheapest on the market of space transportation.

The largest number of participants of the market are American companies. FireFly is also American, but her new owner Maxim Polyakov — Ukrainian businessman, therefore, seeks to develop not only the American space industry, but also domestic.

In 2018 in the river opened R&D center FireFly, is building the city’s planetarium, which is max Polyakov, the company has allocated 50 million hryvnia. In April this year in Kiev, planned to hold an international space forum Noosphere Space Summit. Partners for future events — southern machine-building plant (PIVDENMASH) and EOS Data Analytics.

But the most important event for max Polyakov, FireFly and the whole Noosphere to be held in December — the first rocket launch of FireFly Alpha.

Collectively, for the year 2018, the aerospace company has implemented 20 orbital launches, and most of the flights on account of SpaceX Elon musk. But the Falcon 9 rocket is too big and costly for small satellites that are most in demand today. The Falcon 9 launch is $60 million, while the cost of a missile Firefly is projected at $8 million is Cheap and economical media FireFly needs to make the company Maxim Polyakov a full participant in the market of space launches. A further reduction of the cost of one flight, which is promised in FireFly, will be carried out through innovative developments of missile components and fuel.

For this purpose, in particular, the Noosphere is mobilizing in its ranks scientists, students, business and engineering, creating a strong Foundation for building a developed technological society that will feel comfortable on earth and in space.

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