Norah, Romy and their father still not found, the canadian army reinforcement

Norah, Romy et leur père toujours introuvables, l'armée canadienne en renfort

SAINT-APOLLINAIRE | The two girls and their father who went missing since Wednesday, were still missing on Saturday morning as the search resumed in Saint-Apollinaire, in Chaudière-Appalaches.

A helicopter from the canadian armed Forces (CAF) joined the search in the morning and had to fly over the area, to the sides of the helicopter of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

It is “in order to fly over the area and perhaps catch a glimpse of the elements that could enable us to direct more research in the area of the rue Veilleux, where we focus our audits for the past few days,” said Ann Mathieu, spokesperson for the SQ.

Objects, found in the woods Friday night, should be analyzed on Saturday.

“We really need to ensure that these objects may or may not be related to Martin Carpentier and to his daughters,” said Mrs. matthews.

Romy, 6 years, Norah, age 11, and their father, Martin Carpentier, 44 years of age, have not been heard from since Wednesday evening, after a mysterious traffic accident on highway 20 in Saint-Apollinaire. The father is considered a suspect by the police.

A witness reportedly saw Martin Carpentier and his two daughters, after this accident.

The SQ has mobilized its teams to undertake research which have not resulted for the time being.


According to information from the SQ, Martin Carpentier and his two daughters would be alive and “on the road”.

“Currently, the evidence that we have collected leads us to believe that these people would still be in the area and on the move, said Ann Mathieu. Of course, it does not develop necessarily on these elements, it is normal, the investigation is in progress, it is evolutionary.”

Video highly emotional

The wife of Martin Carpentier has begged the latter to give him the news. In a video, highly emotional broadcast by the SQ, the current joint Carpentier, Cathy Gingras, asked him to give a sign of life and concerned for the children, from a previous union.

The Amber alert was triggered Thursday at 15h is still in force.

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