Norman Thavaud : short film Halloween, burn-outs, pressure on Youtube… The interview

Norman Thavaud (Interview)

On the occasion of the screening of his short film “school of vampires” for Halloween, in collaboration with FANTA in the framework of FantaxYou3, Norman Thavaud has released behind-the-scenes of it in the interview for Purebreak, but also on the burn out for each other. Interview.

It was Halloween before the time in Norman Thavaud ! Like many of its colleagues, each other, he unveiled a video specially for the occasion. Oh no, he has not made a tutorial make-up like EnjoyPhoenix, but a short film called School for Vampires. In collaboration with FANTA for Halloween in the context of FantaxYou3 that Norman was the ambassador this year, the film has been unveiled, in avant-premiere at an evening event at Disneyland Paris.

Norman Thavaud in interview for PRBK

It is on this occasion that Purebreak was able to meet with the videographer. Norman is assigned on the underside of his short film in an interview “Off Screen”. The genesis of the project, the special effects, a night shoot difficult, the presence of his companion, Martha… The dad responded to our questions about his short-film, but also on the world of Youtube.

Burn out, off of Youtube… it tells you

While several each other and youtubeuses are past(e)s by the box, burn out, is this his case ? If it is not gone until then, he admits to having had periods of questioning : “I think often to me to renew. I have even made videos in question where I said ‘I do not know too much where I’m going, friends, I’m honest with you. At times, I feel that I force myself so I’ll slow down’.” He adds , “I want to innovate, I do not feel too much at my place, it is a challenge perpetual on Youtube”. The fans be reassured, the videographer that we would soon be reunited on stage for his second show did not intend at all to stop Youtube for the same.

Interview by Marion Poulle. Exclusive content. Do not reproduce without citing

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