Normand Brathwaite will be Captain Goulache in the youth series “Drazilion”



Télé-Québec is renewing its children's fiction offering and will be offering its first original production this fall since Les Argonautes.

This new fiction, Drazilion, will notably star Normand Brathwaite as the eccentric Captain Goulash, who wanders like a ghost in the museum of skeletons since the mysterious Drazilion, the mother creature of the fantastic world of Virmark, cast a spell on him.

The four heroes, Oli (Eliot Perron), Emma (Emma Lafrenière), Fabio (Léo Mai) and Rachel (Gabrielle B. Thuot) will have to find the creature to free Captain Goulache from the bad spell he received. At the same time, they will have to pass tests of all kinds to reduce the effects of magic. But beware! The band of filthy, and not always smart Vikings will try by all means to harm them.

In a colorful and exploded universe, the Drazilion series has been designed to allow young people to develop their social and emotional skills. Over the course of the episodes, they gradually learn to better regulate their emotions, to express themselves with respect and to assert themselves, argued the public broadcaster.

The series will begin this fall on the Télé-Québec airwaves. Filming is underway and will continue for the summer period.