Normandeau said to have done everything to be considered

Normandeau dit avoir tout fait pour être jugée

Nathalie Normandeau has done everything to get a trial that she will ” probably never “, laments his attorney, who is now claiming the proceedings to be stayed for delay ” unreasonable “.

On the occasion of the second day of the hearing of the motion, Jordan, Wednesday, Me, Maxim Roy recalled that his client had appointed from the beginning so that she could get a trial as quickly as possible, in the wake of his arrest by UPAC in march 2016, there are more than four years.

Without blaming openly his co-accused (Marc-Yvan Côté, François Roussy, Bruno Lortie, France Michaud and Mario Martel), Ms. Normandeau, nevertheless, believes that it has made the costs of their crusade to the supreme Court.

These were addressed, in vain, to the highest court of the country in the hope of compelling a journalist to reveal his sources to identify the perpetrators of the leaks, in the context of another application seeking to drop the lawsuit.

This petition has not yet been decided and will need to be in place prior to the trial, has already ruled the judge André Perreault. Prosecutors are now waiting for the findings of the investigation Oath on the leaks, conducted by the Office of independent investigations, which could stretch on a year or two, maybe more.

The lawyer of Marc-Yvan Côté, Me Jacques Larochelle, believes in the circumstances that a trial cannot be held before the end of 2021 or even 2022. Pandemic or not, ” we’re talking about a folder where the total time period is likely to be of the order of six years “, has hammered mr. Larochelle.

An “armbar” legal

Ms. Normandeau has been the victim of an “armbar” legal, has expressed to Me Roy, adding that his client – who is the face of the heads of breach of trust, fraud against the government and corruption in municipal affairs – is not ” in any way responsible for the situation “.

“It is not she who has decided to bring Marie-Maude Denis ; it is not she who decided to bring the folder up to the supreme Court,” insisted the lawyer, recalling that she had even called for a separate trial.

“All the world, to different degrees, failed to Ms. Normandeau, who only wanted to have a trial within a reasonable period of time,” she said to Me, Roy, reiterating that the limit of 18 months established by the judgment in Jordan, has been “substantially exceeded” and that the public ministry is the main fault.

The Director of criminal and penal prosecutions will be exhibiting their arguments Thursday and Friday.

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