North korea: 1 if “suspected” of coronavirus

Corée du Nord: 1er cas «suspecté» de coronavirus

SEOUL | the first “suspected” of coronavirus was listed Sunday in North Korea, which is set in a state of “emergency maximum”, announced the official agency KCNA.

This case is due to a person who “is back on the 19th of July after illegally crossing the demarcation line”, which acts as the border with South Korea, according to KCNA.

This person suspected of carrying the virus is presented as “a fugitive who visited the south three years ago” and was found in the city of Kaesong, on the border with South Korea.

The person in question “has been at first put under strict quarantine, and all persons […] who have come in contact with this person and those who went in this city these last five days are subject to a thorough investigation,” said KCNA.

Pyongyang had previously assured that there was no case of coronavirus and that the country’s borders remain closed.

To cope with the “dangerous situation […] that could lead to a catastrophe deadly and destructive”, the north Korean leader Kim Jong-un has convened on Saturday for an urgent meeting of the political bureau to adopt a “system emergency maximum and emit a warning of” high-level ” to contain the epidemic, said the official agency.

Despite quarantine measures strict, “it seems that the vicious virus got into the country,” said Kim Jong-un, according to KCNA.

The north Korean leader said that the government had taken “precautionary measure to confine completely the city of Kaesong on 24 July, has added the same source.

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