North Korea says it does not need to negotiate with the United States

La Corée du Nord dit ne pas avoir besoin de négocier avec les États-Unis

Pyongyang “does not feel the need to” return to talks with Washington, said a diplomat of high rank of north korea, a few days after the call by Seoul for a new summit to improve relations with its neighbor to the North.

The south Korean president Moon Jae-in, who played a crucial role in favour of détente with the North, has called on the 30th of June to a new summit between north Korean leader Kim Jong-un and u.s. president Donald Trump, claiming that Seoul would do “everything possible” to achieve it.

But Pyongyang “does not feel the need to sit in front of the United States,” replied the vice-minister of foreign Affairs of North Korea, Choe Her Today, in a press release issued by the agency north Korean KCNA.

“The United States are mistaken if they believe that things, like negotiations, are still working on us,” she added.

Washington “does not consider the dialogue between the United States and the peoples’ democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) as an instrument in its political crisis “, she added, using the official name of North Korea.

The North has already developed a “detailed timetable of its strategy” to deal with the “long term threat” to Washington, emphasized in the press release the diplomat of high rank.

The negotiations on the denuclearization of north korea have stalled since the fiasco of the second summit between Mr. Kim and Mr. Trump, in February 2019 in Hanoi.

According to media reports, Stephen Biegun, the number two of the american diplomacy, is expected next week in Seoul to discuss the talks with the North.

The ministry and south Korean foreign Affairs, however, has not confirmed the visit.

At the end of June, the United States, by the voice of Mr. Biegun, who is also the envoy to u.s. for North Korea, had considered “unlikely,” a summit, or even a single virtual contact, between Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim by the us presidential election of November 3.

However, he had ensured that the door was still ” open to diplomacy “.

The north Korean regime has multiplied in June, the verbal attacks against Seoul, criticizing in particular the fact that dissidents in north-koreans based in the South send in the direction of the North of the leaflets of propaganda by means of balloons carried by the wind.

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