North Korea welcomes his “brilliant success” in the face of the COVID-19

La Corée du Nord se félicite de son « brillant succès » face à la COVID-19

The north Korean leader Kim Jong un praised the “brilliant success” obtained, according to him, by his country in its fight against the Covid-19, reported on Friday the official agency KCNA.

The north Korean leader was speaking at a meeting of the workers ‘ Party devoted Thursday to the impact of the virus, while the country has closed its borders and placed thousands of people in solitary confinement since six months.

“We have thoroughly prevented the breakthrough of this cunning virus “and maintained” in a situation, anti-epidemic stable in spite of the global health crisis “, he said according to the agency.

It is a “brilliant success obtained thanks to the management far-sighted of the party central committee and the keen spirit of volunteerism shown by all those who follow as one man to the orders of the central committee of the party,” he said.

The nation should ” stay alert “, in particular in the light of the new outbreaks appeared in ” neighbouring countries “, he warned.

“He has repeatedly said that a strike early anti-epidemic measures would lead to a crisis of unimaginable and irreparable “, notes KCNA.

Pyongyang has not reported any cases of the disease Covid-19, a version of which doubt the experts, even though the virus appeared in neighbouring China, has spread to all continents.

North Korea has, however, taken drastic measures, closing its borders and imposing a confinement to thousands of people. A UN expert has warned last month against an increase of food insecurity as a result of the closure of the borders.

More than 40 % of the population was considered food insecure before the crisis of the coronavirus, with many cases of malnutrition.

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