Norway: digital tribute to the victims of Breivik, nine years after

Norvège: hommage numérique aux victimes de Breivik, neuf ans après

No warm hugs, or reunion of families: outbreak of new coronavirus requires, Norway has made Wednesday a tribute to the “digital” to the 77 people killed by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik nine years ago to the day.

On the island of Utøya where Breivik, disguised as a police officer, had opened fire on a Youth camp, labour, killing 69 people dead –teenagers mostly–, political leaders, representatives of the families and a few survivors were collected, in accordance with the rules of distancing physical, in front of a monument to the victims.

In the morning, a first ceremony was held in front of the government headquarters in Oslo, where right-wing extremist had detonated a bomb a little earlier on 22 July 2011, killing eight other people.

The number of participants is limited because of the health crisis, the ceremonies were broadcast live on television channels and on the internet.

“It’s weird and a little painful not to be all together today and not being able to confide in each other, kissing each other “, said the president of the support group for victims, Lisbeth Kristine Røyneland, who has herself lost a daughter 18 years of age on Utøya.

“The 22nd of July is the most abominable of our age that hate can lead to violence, murder, and terrorism,” she added. “This is why knowledge, combined with commitment and empathy, is our main defence against hatred and violence “.

Support sparse counted in its ranks the secretary-general of Nato, Jens Stoltenberg, Prime minister at the time of the attacks and who has attended all the summer camps of the Youth labour party on Utøya since 1974.

“It’s a bit painful not to be able to give a hug, not being able to comfort, especially on a day like this when we need to be close to each other,” said Ina Rangønes Libak, survivor of the shooting has since become president of the Youth labour.

“But we live with the coronavirus for a long time now and it became good to show a love digital for the other,” she told the channel TV2 Nyhetskanalen.

Today 41-year-old, Breivik, who has never expressed remorse, is serving a sentence of 21 years in prison, likely to be extended indefinitely, as long as there was considered to be a threat to society.

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