Norway has proved that RF interference in the GPS during a NATO exercise

Норвегия доказала вмешательствo РФ в работу GPS во время учений НАТО

Moscow dismissed the allegations and demanded evidence.

Norway has electronic confirmation that Russian forces were jamming the signals of GPS system in the last military drill of NATO, and demands an explanation from its Eastern neighbor.

This was stated by the Minister of defence of Norway Frank the Tank-Jensen, writes the with reference to

In Finland and Norway in November, said that Russia deliberately caused disruptions to GPS signals before and during military exercises, which also affected the navigation of civil aviation in the Arctic.

“Russia has been asked to provide evidence. We gave them proof,” said the defense Minister, adding that they are based on calculations that show that the signals are jammed.

“Russia said, “Thanks, we’ll come back when our experts will review it.” This response from Russia is positive,” he said.

“To be a neighbor of Russia, we must be patient,” added the Minister.

Answering the question, could Russia deliberately to attack Norway, the Minister said: “They trained very close to the border, and they knew that it would affect areas on the other side.”


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