Norway to donate eight Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

Norway to donate eight Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine< /p> UPDATE DAY

Norway will give Ukraine eight Leopard 2 battle tanks as well as ammunition, spare parts and up to four support vehicles, the Norwegian government said on Tuesday, quantifying a contribution already announced. 

The delivery date for the tanks was not specified in the statement from the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, but Minister Bjorn Arild Gram, currently in Brussels for a meeting of donors, told Norwegian media that it would take place shortly.

Norway will also contribute 250 million crowns (23 million euros) to the European Peace Facility, a fund set up by the European Union – of which the Scandinavian country is not a member – to finance the military assistance provided to Ukraine.

The Norwegian envelope will be used to purchase additional ammunition and spare parts for donated tanks.

Like several European capitals, Oslo had undertaken to supply Kyiv with Leopard 2s, but without specifying the number.

The Norwegian army now has 36 Leopard 2s in service.


“The situation in Ukraine is approaching a critical phase and they are dependent on extensive and rapid Western assistance,” Gram said in the statement.

“We will also contribute to the education and training of Ukrainian tank crews in Poland with other allied countries. This donation is an important and highly requested contribution,” he added.

Last week, the centre-left government announced an order for 54 new next-generation Leopard 2 tanks – of the 2A7 – to replace its aging armour. These will be delivered from 2026.

He also unveiled a multi-year civil and military aid package for Ukraine of 75 billion crowns (6.8 billion euros) over five years (2023-2027), currently being refined through negotiations with other political parties.