Nostalgia TV: Laura Compan and her secret relationship with the characters

Téleé nostalgia: Laura Compan and her secret relationship with the characters


When she was very young, when she watched TV, Laura Compan was never alone for the simple reason that she understood the characters of her favorite shows. Obviously, such a way of thinking has created very beautiful memories…

Laura, which shows marked you as a child?

Toupie and Binoo

I remember that I shouldn't miss Knock Knock Knock. It was religious. When my mother came to pick me up from daycare, we had to hurry. Then there was Fanfreluche. My parents made me listen to shows that marked them… There was Cornemuse, Toupie et Binou, The Parents… A little older, I had my first crush: Joey Scarpellino. Also, Ground and Goblet which I could put number one. At first, I was afraid of clowns; that's why La Ribouldingue didn't pass!

The Parents

You were very fond of actors, and not necessarily cartoons… What did they arouse in you?

There is a feeling of belonging and it is wonder because they dress up, because they have facial expressions that you don't see much. I loved improvisation – I did – and the game has always captivated me. They advocate the feeling that everything is possible […] And this way of making us laugh. Also, like in the cinema, I remember that when the shows ended, there was always a moment when I watched TV and where I had the impression that me and the characters understood each other. I always had an ending sentence: “Don't worry, I understand you”. I felt like everything was real. (laughs)

Are your TV memories associated with time alone or with family?

Samantha, oops!

I was so in my world, so in my bubble. I was never alone. I always listened to the “little fellows” with my little sister and when we came back from school, we took Nutella and listened to The Sisters… How good! There was Boule et Bill, Titeuf who marked us, Samantha, oops! Otherwise, I was with the characters: I had a relationship with them, but no one knew that. It was my secret.

Is there a character you would have liked to play for children?

I would have liked to play a character like Rebelle [Disney heroine, editor’s note]. I thought she was cool because my little cousins ​​thought she was cool. It's not true that girls just dress in pink and love dolls… There is diversity. Rebelle is non-conformist in the face of her predetermined role.

Before becoming an actress, was there a character, an actor or an actress you wanted to look like, who caused something to click?

Sol and Goblet, Marc Favreau and Luc Durand. They marked me enormously with their texts and their interpretation. But it's even more Louis de Funès and stories like The stupid dinner that made me laugh and freak out. There were so many people, so many faces… And The heart has its reasons! I remember, in elementary school, imitating Criquette, so Anne Dorval, that's for sure! Yes ! You can go anywhere with humor.

♦ Laura Compan is part of the cast of the youth series Do not enter! , whose third season will be posted on's Extra from May 2.