Not a grandmother, 72-year-old cher in the flamboyant jacket boasted figure

The singer made a splash appearance on the stage

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Совсем не бабушка: 72-летняя Шер в эпатажном пиджаке похвасталась фигурой

72-year-old singer cher

It seems that American singer cher managed to cheat time, because in my ‘ 72 it does not look like an elderly woman. Her slim figure and taut skin is the result of hard work. Every public appearance of Hollywood stars – a holiday extravaganza of emotions, and tailored outfits are always bright and showy.

The other day cher came on Letterman in a total black look – Diagon hussar style jacket, stretch pants with a belt with rhinestones and ankle boots. Embroidered with shiny ornaments the jacket resembled the image of iconic artist Michael Jackson.

Совсем не бабушка: 72-летняя Шер в эпатажном пиджаке похвасталась фигурой

The red-haired cher in black jacket-black leather jackets

72-year-old beauty decided to spice up his stage outfit and wore a dark red wig of medium length. Celebrity make-up was quite intense, and the face was much younger than the true years of the artist. Pop singer a true role model! Stay young for life – an art.

Earlier, cher gave a concert in Melbourne, coming on the scene in a luxury suit with a crown in the form of horns. At some point she took off a shiny cloak, standing before the audience in the bodysuit embroidered with rhinestones and sequins. It was a very bold and dramatic appearance.

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