Not all women are witches: the stars of the legendary series was supported by a cancer patient Shannen Daugherty

Не все женщины - ведьмы: звезды легендарного сериала поддержали онкобольную Шэннен Догерти

today, 21:54

Famous American actress Shannen Doherty, best known for his roles in the TV series Beverly hills 90 210, and “All jinki – Vidima” (Enchanted), announced the return of cancer.

48-year-old star appeared in the program Good Morning America, where she said that she was diagnosed with breast cancer stage IV. Doherty noted that the cancer returned a few years after his recovery, and is rapidly progressing. However, the actress remains optimistic and continues to fight.

Не все женщины - ведьмы: звезды легендарного сериала поддержали онкобольную Шэннен Догерти

Such recognition Shannen Doherty has stirred up not only fans but the entire show business. Stars of the series “All women – witches” decided to publicly support anabaena Shannen.

Actress fantasy series Alyssa Milano (Phoebe), and rose Mcgowen (Paige) has posted online an appeal to Doherty. The stars wished Shannen recovery and supported her in difficult times.

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“Hold you tight in my heart,” wrote Alyssa Milano.

“I wish you peace and strength in your struggle Shannen Doherty. You inspire many,” said rose McGovern.

Several mystical looks today, the fact that the creators of “Bewitched” versiom “kill” character Shannen Doherty due to the fact that the actress constantly clashed with Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs. The stars could not find a common language and complained about the capricious nature Doherty. Therefore, the producers made changes to the plot of the series, and the heroine Shannen suddenly died.

And, despite the fact that during the filming of the series “All women – witches” actress could not boast of friendly relations, arcobaleni Shannen Doherty was forced to forget all past differences and quarrels. Now the stars of the series, though they are not close friends, but still supported his colleague in difficult times, proving that in fact not all women are witches.

Recall, for Shannen Doherty came back cancer, the doctors confirmed the fourth stage

As reported by the portal Znayu star favorite TV shows shared the bad news from the oncologists.

Also Znayu written cancer mom has Taylor swift found a brain tumor.

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