Not Caroline at all: ex-husband Lorak Murat showed who is raising their daughter

Совсем не Каролина: бывший муж Лорак Мурат показал, кто воспитывает их дочь

today, 18:29

Recently, the former husband of the famous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak Murat Nalchajian first showed the nanny, Irina, who is caring for a child when the star mom on the road. The corresponding video appeared on the Instagram page of her husband.

As noted, the Ani Lorak’s daughter Sofia grows curious and creative – it can be seen in the videos that often appear in the social network. Therefore, in the new video, the girl teaches her dad and a nanny, who first appeared in the video how to make slaym.

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In addition, star dad arranged for my daughter’s quest to find the treasure. In particular, Murat hid the gift and drew a map for Sony. The girl needed that piece of paper to find a present from the Pope.

Previously “Know.ia” talked about the fact that Ani decided to show another selfie with the car. Detractors found in the picture not only traces of photoshop and plastics, but also noticed the signs of alcoholism.

The celebrity also dressed in a short black and white dress and shoes rather bulky. The image of the singer complements the heavy evening makeup, however, many did not like it.

And the actress posed in only a Terry Bathrobe with a Cup of coffee, but fans noticed traces of photoshop: the thumb on the foot looks very unnatural.

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