Not easy to make a dip in Montreal

Pas facile de faire une saucette à Montréal

Beaches closed or already filled, long queues in front of the swimming pools : swimmers in the greater Montreal had some difficulties in finding a location to combat the heat wave, and especially enjoy a body of water.

In the public swimming pools of the city of Montreal, he had to be patient if we wanted to dip in the fourth day of a heat wave.

During the day of Saturday, the mercury climbed to 33 degrees Celsius with a humidex of 37 in Montreal.

To combat the heat wave in the city centre, these two teens have had a lot of fun in the fountains of Place des Arts.

The queue in front of the swimming pool at the park Baldwin stretched 200 meters Saturday.

A maximum of 160 people were allowed to bathe at the same time in the swimming pool of the Plateau-Mont-Royal. Each had a period of time and had to redo the tail if he wanted to stretch the swimming.

“It is strange that there are so many people in line. There is no social distancing when people are online, ” quipped Michel Durand stating that he will return on a quieter day.

A few miles further to the city beach of Longueuil, it was difficult to swim also. On its website, the City indicates that the beach will remain closed for the season. To enforce this point, a sauveteuse was on hand to warn those who ventured into the water.

“It is tempting, the water is only a few metres away,” said Nouhaila who preferred to conceal his family name. This last took advantage of a moment of inattention of the sauveteuse to go dip her feet.

Crowded beach

Even if the range of Verdun was closed, nothing could stop the enthusiasm of these bathers.

The urban beach of Verdun in Montreal, technically still closed, hundreds of towels were scattered on the sand.

“I didn’t know that it was closed. I saw the people coming, I told myself that it was opened “, has left to find Lisa, who was accompanied by her daughter Mila.

It was necessary to arrive early to have access to the water at the beach of the parc-nature du Cap-Saint-Jacques in Montreal. The beach of the West-Island could be opened prematurely on Saturday thanks to a decree obtained on Friday during the day.

Dozens of holidaymakers had to return home empty-handed, as the beach had already reached its maximum capacity of 1000 people allowed in the time of a pandemic.

At the beach John Golden, Roxanne Paradise and Jagoda Krzywon were disappointed to face a fence.

Hot until Tuesday

The mass of hot and humid air that hits the Quebec for the past four days remain until Tuesday in the south of Quebec to leave the place at temperatures closer to the average of the season.

“It is quite unusual to see heat waves at this time of the year “, explains Alain Roberge, meteorologist at Environment and climate Change in Canada.

The latter says it is likely to see this kind of phenomenon to happen more frequently in coming years due to climate change.

-With Camille Lalancette, QMI Agency

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