Not even the third of Montrealers wear the mask

Pas même le tiers des Montréalais portent le masque

Comments house demonstrate that not even a third of Montrealers wear a mask while doing their daily activities, prompting one expert to ask why the City does not impose more stringent measures.

The data demonstrating the efficacy of wearing a mask to avoid any contamination to accumulate, however, and the cities have authority to impose, for example in shops or public transport. In Quebec, only the municipality of Côte-Saint-Luc has opted for such a regulation.

“Montreal does not seem to take seriously the fact that the city is in humanitarian crisis and for it to pass by the public authorities to make it mandatory for the mask. Not necessarily everywhere, but at least in the public places such as shops and public transport,” said Wednesday, François Audet, scientific director of the canadian Observatory on crises and humanitarian aid.

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Our reporter recorded the proportion of people wearing a mask at five locations busy through the metropolis at the end of the month of may and mid-June. Result: a little over 30 % of people wore it to the total, a proportion which varied according to the sectors and which increased to almost 47 % in the interior of the station Berri-UQAM.

If these data have no scientific value, they still allow to see that the majority of the population does not wear a mask.

“We understand that it is about one person in three. Visually, a person who walks in Montreal is going to count about it,” said Mr. Audet.

He believes that the mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante, could show more leadership to get the port of the mask in the places where it is impossible to be at two meters of distance. This, combined with the washing of the hands and with the distancing physical, would learn to coexist with the virus, reminds us of one who has studied the containment measures in eight other countries.

“[These measures will] significantly decrease contacts between humans and the spread, and by the fact even the second wave,” he said.

Mandatory in September?

The mayor Plant has repeated for weeks that the wearing of the mask remains an individual responsibility, but has also raised the possibility of making it mandatory in public transport when the traffic would become more important, for example in September.

“We encourage very strongly the people to carry the cover face, the mask. It is a success, but from the beginning, what I’m saying is that maybe, eventually, it will be necessary to make it mandatory if it is deemed that it does not happen to our goals, ” she mentioned the June 8, in a webinar with the Jeune chambre de commerce de Montréal.

Yet, when we ask the question of its administration, we were told that it does not intend to make the port of the mask required unless the public Health made the recommendation. It would be difficult to ensure compliance with this rule on the field, and such an obligation would create inequality, for example for disadvantaged people says it is.

Thousands of masks have been distributed in the population, and it is possible to manufacture the covers-face home.

Close to major shops – corner Peel/St-Catherine

26 may: 30 % wear the mask

16 June: 32 % wear the mask

In a neighborhood populated corner of Côte-des-Neiges/Côte-Sainte-Catherine

May 26: 36 % wear the mask

16 June: 48 % wear the mask

In the metro station Berri-UQAM

26 may: 47 % wear the mask

16 June: 47 % wear the mask

Near office tower – corner René-Lévesque/Peel

May 26: 23 % wear the mask

16 June: 13 % wear the mask

On the Tray – corner Mont-Royal/Christophe-Colomb

26 may: 18 % wear the mask

16 June: 18 % wear the mask


26 may: 31 % wear the mask

16 June: 32 % wear the mask

Data recorded on the 200 first people encountered at random in five key places of Montreal, between 12 h and 18 h depending on the date and the place.

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