“Not everyone can say….”: Galkin confessed how close the mouths of the Russians

"Не все можно говорить....": Галкин признался, как закрывают рты россиянам

today, 23:30

Famous Russian humorist, husband of Alla Pugacheva Maksim Galkin has been very active page on Instagram. A celebrity recently said on Russian television censorship is now “not everyone can say the screen.” He also chided the channels for frequent coverage of the situation in Ukraine.

“As for politics, before more pointed political humor, we now have censorship. Not all possible to speak of a television screen. I can understand them. Now such a situation, you know, difficult,” – said Galkin.

"Не все можно говорить....": Галкин признался, как закрывают рты россиянам

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The actor also believes that TV “all the time” talk about Ukraine instead of the Russian order.

“It seems that we have all adjusted and were only here to help the Ukrainians”, – he explained.

Galkin has focused on the program “Time will show” channel one, joking on the topic that the presenter Artem Sheinin gives the microphone to the expert from Poland, and then attack him.

Previously “Know.ia” talked about the fact that the network was rocked by scandal over the sperm Kirkorov, which has suffered Galkin.

Galkin also staged trolling hard Sobchak.

And ex-wife of Vladimir Kuzmin told about the children Pugacheva from him.

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