Not full-time for future clerks?

Pas de temps plein pour les futurs préposés?

Some of the candidates selected for the program to become a servant to the beneficiaries through a paid training express are disillusioned.

While the prime minister François Legault had promised a full-time job at the end of the training, which began Monday, several future employees, who follow their courses in Laval are beginning to have doubts.

The collective agreement of the orderlies in Laval provides a work schedule of type “six bi-weekly”, which is not full-time.

And the attendants are called upon to work three days per week, a new one, which has affected the morale of some candidates encountered by TVA News on Wednesday morning.

“There are a lot of things that have changed! Mr. Legault, we ensured the full-time 36 hours per week, and$ 49,000 a year. The CISSS came this morning to tell us that it will probably not be possible to start full-time, except that we were promised that!” denounced a participant in the training.

In addition, the promised salary would be lower than what has been announced. Instead of 26$ of the planned time, the employees would receive 20,55$ hourly.

“This is not what they promised at the beginning. They sent us emails when it was clear that the first year, we had to work full-time. Here, this is not the case,” argued another woman in training.

The CISSS will explain later in the day on the details surrounding the hire, but pointed out that the future agents will have no trouble working full-time despite the schedule of six bi-weekly” provided by the convention.

In a press briefing in the early afternoon, the minister of Seniors, Marguerite Blais, has reiterated the promise of François Legault, insisting that there would be full-time positions.

“I’m going to go make checks to the CISSS de Laval”, she said.

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