'Not guilty': Trump's official store tries to profit from his arrest

“Not Guilty”: Trump's official store tries to profit from his arrest


Supporters of former US President Donald Trump are trying to cash in on his arrest by offering 'free' t-shirts of his fake prisoner photo to anyone who contributes money to his campaign, by donating at least $47. 

Disgruntled air, halo of white light above head, large “uncoupleable” lettering below photo visibly mounted from scratch : The t-shirt which is to represent the prisoner photo of Donald Trump has been put on sale on the site of the official store of the former president, according to what The Guardian reported on Wednesday.< /p>

Particularly his campaign supporters reportedly made the announcement in a news mailing list about Trump, to which his subscribed the British media.

“Are you on the side of the president, my friend?” the ad reads, asking for a contribution of “$47 or more to WIN [the] 2024 election” in exchange for a “free” non-guilty jersey.

At The former president's rear in the photo shows a height chart, indicating that Trump would be 6ft 5in tall.

He wouldn't be the only one trying to make money on his arrest: pornographic actress Stormy Daniels, whose silence the ex-president allegedly bought during his first election campaign, also allegedly launched a #TeamStormy t-shirt.