Not “home Alone”, Macaulay Culkin is preparing to become a father

Уже не "Один дома", Маколей Калкин готовится стать отцом

today, 21:18

The star of Christmas classics “home alone” made the shocking confession in an interview. We need to remind readers that Macaulay Culkin, and that’s the real name of the actor who played little guy Kevin likes to lead an active public life, and therefore very rarely comments or shares personal. However, the actor maintains its own page in the network Instagram, which allows fans to communicate with the beloved star.

The last interview of the late actor, because he not only agreed to it, but also talked about important decisions. First, preparing to restart “home alone” with Kalkin in the title role.

Second, Culkin and his girlfriend Brenda song with which the actor is found from 2017, the year, expect to become parents. While that pair is in the first stage of training, but because Kalkin commented on his joy at the fact that women have monthly ovulation occurs.

Уже не "Один дома", Маколей Калкин готовится стать отцом

Macaulay Culkin, photos: Robbie Fimmano /

“Because nothing excites you more than when your lady enters the room and says, “Honey, I’m ovulating” – summed up its history, possible future father.

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In addition, the young couple are raising two cats, a dog, fish and parrot.

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