Not obliged to help the Circus

Pas obligés d’aider le Cirque

This week, we have been able to hear Daniel Lamarre, CEO of Cirque du Soleil, say on several forums that it was good news that the company protects its creditors.

Even more, he said, Quebecers should be happy to know that their money would be used to assist this organization is majority-owned by foreign interests and having contracted a debt of about $ 2 billion to finance its acquisition.

Seriously, it makes you wonder if it is necessary, to succeed in business, become absolutely disconnected from the way can feel the common people, those who finance our bullshit. It reminds us of the executive officer of Bombardier, which semonçait those who criticized his assistant, corporate, accusing them of trying to harm him. At the same time, Dominique Anglade was trying to make us believe that sales of the RONA and St-Hubert were good news for Quebec.

It is not necessary to go out often to home to think that such messages will pass by. As if it became more acceptable to beg, therefore, that it is claimed that it is due. The teenagers from bourgeois families are past masters in this art.


It may be desirable to assist the Circus to get through the crisis. The brand is very strong this company contributes to Québec’s influence and work in Montreal thousands of young creative people who can flourish and dazzle us.

That being said, it would be even more inclined to get out the checkbook if we didn’t have the impression of being taken for milk cows, while the people suffer themselves from the consequences of the pandemic.

As I see that the “specialists” of public relations who advise our great capitalists are obviously too incompetent to understand the public and those who hire them for a high price, I’ll sacrifice myself for the good of the economy of Quebec. As a former speechwriter, I’m going to make of the lines which will keep you from having the air con in taking us to the same thing.


It goes as follows.

“Obviously, we are not proud of having to claim public funds.

The more reason that we are aware that the people to whom we ask for money, they have even less than us.

However, we are even more aware that if (insert the name of the company prodigal here) exists, it is thanks to Quebec.

Our ambition is to return to them in wages, taxes all their solidarity offered to us up here.

This is why we ask them humbly to help us, in the same way that many of them have needed help to cope with the current situation.

Out of the crisis, we want to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

This is why we will be really grateful to Quebecers if they offer us the helping hand that they are not really obliged to give us. “


In short, change your address, you will be more willing to help you. If you’re lucky, it may even be forgotten the next time you come to us begging.

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