Not of partisans, but more of decor

Pas de partisans, mais plus de décor

The tough game between the Canadian and the Maple Leafs on Tuesday night, has the value of great repetition at more than one level. If the players have had the opportunity to find their bearings on the ice before the start of the playoffs, in the lounges, it was the occasion for lovers to discover the experience of hockey on tv, the version of pandemic, to TVA Sports. After the racing, soccer, and baseball, is hockey pass the test of the return to the small screen ?

An aerial view

Little angles of the cameras of a new kind have been put to the test Tuesday evening, with the exception of that which appears to be installed at the height of the press gallery. It offers an aerial view interesting, but which must not be abused since it moves sometimes too much of the action. In small doses, it will be an additional asset. It is expected, however, to see how NBC, the producer in Toronto, will operate the vacant spaces. There is talk of using 32 cameras. As to the mics that need to wear certain players, we heard nothing on Tuesday.

In the studio as on the catwalk

Separated by a window, Félix Séguin and Patrick Lalime have described the action from a studio in Montreal.

Describe the game from a studio in Montreal did not seem to hamper the duo Félix Séguin and Patrick Lalime, who took it with all the necessary intensity. It must be said that they do so regularly for the NHL games not involving the CH. In addition, contrary to some of the american stations where analyst and descriptor does not share the same premises, the two teammates are sitting next to each other, separated only not a plexiglass. However, it will be necessary to find a solution for the micro failed to Renaud Lavoie, the only representative of TVA Sports in Toronto, posted in the heights of the amphitheater.

Like in a video game

Many screens give a look of a video game at the Scotiabank Arena.

It had been a matter of making a call to the company EA Sports to create a clamor and musical score, yet it is at the level of the skin with futuristic Scotiabank Arena that the influence of the video game industry has been felt. The lower sections were covered with a blue coating and screens featuring the logos of the competing teams are in clear view at each end of the rink, a backdrop reminiscent of those of the series of games in the NHL. It gives a look that’s less depressing than the empty benches and the fans virtual used by major league baseball.

In lack of supporters

Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports, has access to the amphitheater of the city-bubble, but must watch the action from the top of the bleachers.

Despite this coating treated, the energy generated by the crowd is sorely lacking. It has been found when the Leafs have broken the ice after a few seconds of the game, a goal that has been hailed by a simple siren goal. Let’s hope that the broadcasters will compensate by inserting the songs of goal of each team, as promised, when the series will be launched. By contrast, when the puck is in play, it has the same fun to follow the game than before the pandemic.

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