Not of systemic racism in Quebec, reiterates Legault

Pas de racisme systématique au Québec, réitère Legault

The vast majority of Quebecers are not racist and there is no systemic racism, repeated François Legault less than 24 h after having denounced the death of George Floyd in the United States.

When asked whether there was systemic racism in Quebec, the prime minister reiterated that there is “not a system in place that fact that it is organized to discriminate”.

“It was, unfortunately, in Quebec, people who are racist in all parts of our society, then it is necessary to fight against racism, but the vast majority of Quebecers are not racist”, he summarized.

As to why the québec public service consisted of no more members of the cultural communities, the prime minister has offered an answer to the demographic.

“One of the challenges that we have is that there is a good part of the public service, which is Quebec, in Quebec city, in our nation’s capital. Then, when you look at the visible minorities, proportionately, there are fewer and fewer in Quebec than in Montreal,” he said.

Several governments succeeded each other without ever successfully deal with this issue, he continued by saying that “it is a goal that we continue to have a better representation of visible minorities in the public service”.

According to data from 2018, it would be necessary to almost double the number of employees from cultural communities and indigenous peoples for the québec public service to be representative of quebec society.

The cultural communities and aboriginal peoples were, then, 19,73 % of the active population in Quebec. However, these same two groups only accounted for 10 % of the regular workforce of the public sector.

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