Not paid off: the TOP of the most disastrous movies of 2019

This list includes movies that the audience liked, but the results at the box office – a failure

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Не окупились: ТОП самых провальных фильмов 2019 года

“Men in black: international”

2019 rich enough for movie premieres, but not all were successful. Many movies can’t even recoup the budget. Therefore, the publication EW called the most interesting films this summer that flopped at the box office miserably.

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Among such films was even “X-Men”, starring Sophie Turner.

“Shaft” — 21 million dollars

Even the most profitable star is not always able to pull the project. Journalists calculated that during his career, Samuel L. Jackson brought the studios 13, 3 billion dollars. But the sequel to “Shaft” did not help.

“X-men: the Dark Phoenix” — 252 million dollars

The filmmakers faced problems at the stage of development kinokomiksa, which had a negative impact on the end result, what tape are unable to recoup the budget of $ 200 million. Fans of Sophie Turner sorely disappointed.

“Children’s games” — $ 29 million

Attempt to restart the horror franchise about a doll-maniac by the name Chuckie has failed miserably. Despite great voice acting by Mark Hamill and a sufficient number of positive reviews to repeat the success of “Children’s games” in 1988, the creators failed.

“Godzilla 2: king of the monsters” — 385 million dollars

Trailers and footage of “Godzilla 2” promised spectacular fights monsters, but failed of action. The film failed to Shine, making the attention with this movie quickly moved on to other projects.

“The dead don’t die” — 14 million dollars

The star cast of the film: bill Murray, Adam Driver, Chloe sevigny, Selena Gomez, and Director Jim Jarmusch were not able to bring in the zombie Comedy something unique and exciting for spectators and critics who called the film lifeless.

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“Men in black international” — $ 250 million

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson was much weaker than Tommy Lee Jones and will Smith. The creators failed to revive the popular franchise and this, of course, sad. After all, most likely will be a sequel.

“The fast and the furious: Hobbs and Shows” — 331 million dollars

The creators of “Hobbes and the Show” on the stage of advancement of the film is not afraid to present a three-minute trailers and show a lot of spectacular shots. The fact that the spin-off of “fast and Furious” will be successful and will attract the attention of millions of viewers, it was obvious. And so it happened: the charisma of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statema has brought the film more than $ 300 million.

We will remind, earlier edition Indie Wire published a ranking of the hundred best films according to the audience. Leading the list was the movie “the Wizard of Oz” in 1939.

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Не окупились: ТОП самых провальных фильмов 2019 года

Не окупились: ТОП самых провальных фильмов 2019 года

Не окупились: ТОП самых провальных фильмов 2019 года


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