Not pin. A real form Ultima Thule

Не кегля. Установлена реальная форма Ультима Туле

Form the most distant object in the Solar system reminds United walnut with oldem.

Space object Ultima Thule, which the scientists call 2014 MU69 formally, is part of the Kuiper belt (KBO) and the most distant celestial body ever studied in our Solar system. New pictures, New Horizons revealed the real image of the object previously named “outer pins”. This writes Slashgear.

Scientists have filmed the birth of the planet

Ultima Thule consists of two connected pieces, called Ultima and Thule, which at first was considered spherical. Due to this, the object initially even called “snowman.”

But in space nothing is as it seems. Finally new pictures of the ruined theory of forms “the snowman” and “skittles” and showed the real face of Ultima Thule.

After having carefully considered images, the researchers came to the conclusion that the object is similar to a mashed walnut with oldem. If one part of the Ultima Thule and from a distance may resemble a spherical object, slightly oblate, the second – almost completely flat.

Earlier it was reported that Hubble has captured a mysterious stain on Pluto, which is a vortex.

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