Not QS, but not far

No QS, but not far

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Dominique Anglade passed a first test in a rather controlled environment. His turn “to the left” sows a mixture of enthusiasm and skepticism within his troops.

During an interview people Saturday to make her discover more to the activists to whom she addressed for the first time in person, the host Alexandra Diaz described her as “perfect woman”, nothing less.

The Liberal leader also obtained the blessing of influential longtime organizer Ronald Poupart.

Members of the close guard ensured that there was no no discordant notes in a congress generally monopolized by the youth wing. & nbsp;

The Marie Montpetit affair did not call into question the leadership of the chef. The father of the excluded shouted injustice, but he was quite alone in the corridors. & Nbsp;

A series of very green resolutions was adopted and even the idea of ​​managing health no longer entrusted to a minister and a ministry, but to an independent board of directors involving network users.

Where are the ex?

< p>The former Liberal elected officials could be counted on the fingers of one hand, despite the party's long tradition.

Many have left the ship since 2018. & nbsp;

One of the few who were present confided his sorrow to see the party in such a bad position. & nbsp;

“The environment is a concern, of course, but we must not forget the economy, and regain the heart of the Francophone people ”, he summed up.

Effect on the electorate

Because the great challenge of the PLQ is there. Reclaiming regions.

In the current caucus, some were frankly excited by the dream of nationalizing green hydrogen.

On the other hand, a member was rather perplexed as to the impact on the electorate. “Is that going to titillate? I wonder. ”

One thing is certain, the left turn is pronounced. So much so that an elected Crusader on the spot joked: “We are not QS … not yet! “

 Not QS, but not far

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