Not the Klondike to the restorers

Pas le Klondike pour les restaurateurs

The resurgence of life hoped for by the restaurant owners and the tenants is shy since the re-opening of their shops it has been almost three weeks, they have to sometimes deal with a clientele that is little scrupulous as to the hygiene rules.

If the stimulus from the restaurant hinted at a return of more concrete to the normal life, the restorers remain well away from this normality.

The cocktail weather perfect yesterday served as a stark example : a blazing sun and a comfortable temperature, coupled with a day of the weekend. And yet, the shops and restaurants of several arteries of the commercial nerve centres of Quebec were virtually at a standstill in the passage of the Newspaper in the early afternoon.

“The people make the market, but it does not consume. For restaurateurs, this is not the Klondike “, note the owner of the Bistro B and ARVI, François Blais.

Yannick Parent, owner of restaurants

“It’s more difficult than usual, evidenced by Yannick Parent, which owns several establishments, including the Bello and The Log. This is not madness normal. It has nothing to do with what we do as sales usually during the summer. “

Canadian customers, has big shoes to fill in order to support its restaurants, the tourists are mainly taken off the portrait for the summer period.


This diversity lost customer reserve days surprises to the restorers and owners, for better and for worse. For example, the evening of Friday, took place at a frenetic pace in Bello, to the point where “it lacked the staff and beers,” said Mr. Parent. The contractor has bailed out quickly his stocks yesterday morning, in anticipation of a busy summer day promising… but nothing.

“It was when even the world, but this is not constant, observe Yanick Parent. Usually, the Saturday, it runs always in the background, there was no time to breathe. Here, we have the time because these are days that are dead. “

“It happens some days when the weather is fine where it is on the edge of the pool, where the children do not have a camp… It is the reality of the world of Québec, but usually the tourist comes to make the difference,” says the restaurateur.

The devil pandemic

If the variation of inflow has what to do to rattle traders during bad days, they are also afraid for the measures of distancing physical difficult to meet in locations close or within.

The Journal has been found on the Grande Allée and in the district of Saint-Roch, Friday, while, with the terraces packed tight, it was hard to believe in the existence of a pandemic.

A release

Despite the good intentions in each institution, the president of the association of the bar of the city of Québec, Pierre Thibault, note a laxity of vigilance — and of the behaviour of the customers — past a certain hour.

Himself a co-founder of a tavern in montreal, he believes that it is necessary to reopen the debate on the closing time of the bars. “It would be enough of a night-club of 400 people who don’t follow enough steps to restart a pandemic “, is concerned there.

“We did our utmost, but a client after a bottle of wine… ask him to wear a mask to go to the toilet, it may be that he sends you walk “, the second Yannick Parent.

– With the collaboration of Alex Proteau and Jean-François Racine

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