Nothing is going well between the principal and the staff of the Cité scolaire Clemenceau in Montpellier

Nothing is going well between the principal and the staff of the Cité scolaire Clemenceau in Montpellier

A school year which ends with tensions within the Clemenceau school campus. FREE MIDI – DR

In less than a year of presence, the management of the principal of the Clemenceau school complex has been denounced by part of the workforce. This poor climate between adults would endanger "the safety and health of staff".

Between the laying of the first stone of the renovation work undertaken last school year, and the paving stone in the pond launched by the educational team "au at the end of my rope, a school year has just passed in Clemenceau. In the crosshairs, principal Valérie Vauthier-Desmaretz, who took up her duties at the start of the 2023 school year.

"At first we thought it was clumsiness"

The climate would have continued to deteriorate, "from the first weeks", underlines an agent, "at first we took it for clumsiness". "But the sick leave started to rain in!",explains another, in complete anonymity. In a school campus of 1,800 pupils and students, where major work inside and outside may have disrupted daily life, there is disagreement between management and the various trades. The principal targeted by these criticisms did not wish to answer our questions.

"Occupational medicine, harassment referent have been contacted", confirm Karim El Ouardi and Patrice Schmitt, from the SNALC union . For one of the agents, "the increasingly marked absence of supervisory staff, including educational assistants, called upon to assist in other missions by the principal, in these times of examination, have a strong impact on the organization". The ÆD, for their part, fear that "security will no longer be properly ensured". The end of the year does not bring down the tension.

“The rectorate services are informed”

“The “event” sheets entered in the Health and Safety at Work Register, written by those who have fallen into a state of unhappiness, have been sent to the rectorate, which remains silent”, notes Karim El Ouardi bitterly. These were, however, on the agenda of the CHSCT which was held this Tuesday afternoon, at the rectorate.

“The services are informed, this is what we were told without further details”, whispers Patrice Schmitt of SNALC.
Asked about these troubles which are shaking the establishment, the rectorate affirms that this situation is indeed “known”.

"Specific monitoring has been put in place by the Rectorate of the Montpellier Academy and the management of the departmental services of National Education. Everything has been done, particularly in terms of replacements, to ensure the smooth running of exams and preparation for the start of the school year."

Pierre 12 years old, 5th grade student, takes blows and loses consciousness

It was 4 p.m. this Friday, June 14 at Clémenceau college. "While all the students were heading towards the exit, a friend from Pierre's class punched him violently in the back of the neck,” says his father, Sylvain Gendrot.

The following Monday, a complaint was filed at the police station “for violence against a 15-year-old minor”, the report indicates. "The confrontation which will take place at the college, on June 28 between all those concerned, will give rise to a declaration which will be addressed to the rectorate", informs Sylvain Gendrot.

The family wants to understand why Pierre, a 5th grade student, finds himself on the ground, "completely dazed" when it was time to leave school.

When he gets up, insults fly from both sides “and this same student strikes him again on the back of the neck. Pierre then loses consciousness. He is rescued by a visiting mother, who places him in PLS". Warned, the parents rush to the college, “but the role  of the college was it not to call for help ?". "In the meantime, Pierre has lost his smile, the desire to play, he dwells on the events. It's unrelated, but next year he's changing colleges because we're moving. And that's so much the better…hellip;.

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