“Nothing left…” the father Friske Shepeleva suspected of squandering

"Ничего не останется...": отец Фриске заподозрил Шепелева в расточительстве

Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske photo: joinfo.ua

today, 11:51

Last week Dmitry Shepelev gave an interview to Ksenia Sobchak, which accused the family of Joan of theft, the unwillingness to see her grandson and said that two years before the illness, she feuded with her father. However, the father of singer Vladimir Friske has its own vision, different from said Shepelev.

Vladimir Friske decided to give a review of inheritance daughter and its distribution:

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"Ничего не останется...": отец Фриске заподозрил Шепелева в расточительстве

Vladimir Friske, photos: starhit.ru

“After her daughter’s death, we sold the apartment in Miami. The amount of the transaction amounted to 470 758 dollars, that is more than 30 million rubles. By law it had to be divided between the parents of the owner and Shepelev — as legal guardian of her son. However, my wife Olga refused the share in favour of his grandson, but with a strict condition that the money will not touch anybody under 18 years of Plato. You understand the course every year, plus income in the form of interest. In General, by the time the guy would quietly bought not only flat, but also a car and even a house…” Vladimir Friske

It is known that Dmitry Shepelev regularly carries his son abroad, buys him expensive clothes and often indulges. Recently, the lawyers of the family Friske at the official request has received a report on the cancellation of Dmitry Shepelev funds from the account of the son of Plato. It turned out that the host has removed more than two million to pay lawyers in the trial of relatives of Joan, and also copied the 2 795 715 rubles for school needs boy.

"Ничего не останется...": отец Фриске заподозрил Шепелева в расточительстве

Statement of account of the son Friske and Shepelev, photo: starhit.ru

“Shepelev accused us of all mortal sins, although he squanders the inheritance of Plato. For annual training six-year old boy in kindergarten, he paid half a million rubles! Where you have seen such schools, even elite? For admission, the so-called propiska, made 467 thousand roubles. Medical examination cost 42 thousand. School uniform — 20 thousand. Where are the prices? My lawyers suggest that the part he puts in his pocket”. Vladimir Friske

It is known that half of the suburban estate of the singer, which was owned by her parents, bailiffs put up for sale to repay debt before you Respond. This part has redeemed himself Shepelev, adding to their money of 1.2 million rubles from the account of the son.

"Ничего не останется...": отец Фриске заподозрил Шепелева в расточительстве

Dmitry Shepelev with son photos: livestory.com.ua

“In General, Dima has written off more than six million. States that Jeanne did not communicate with me, his own father… So she called and asked: “Dad, how are you?” Says we don’t want to meet her grandson, and hides it! Called thieves, even though he is doing what? My lawyers believe that the pace from the legacy of Plato in a few years nothing will remain” Vladimir Friske

"Ничего не останется...": отец Фриске заподозрил Шепелева в расточительстве

Dmitry Shepelev with son photos: starhit.ru

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