Nothing to answer: Russia predicted a defeat in the “war of sanctions” against the United States

Нечем ответить: России предрекли поражение в "войне санкций" против США

In anticipation of a new wave of U.S. sanctions in Russia made a prediction about who will win the “war of sanctions”. As he wrote in a blog on Russian online Snob journalist Konstantin Eggert, similar opposition can be compared to on race day. It wins the one who is objectively stronger and more patient. And it will be… the United States.

He admits that Moscow can try to answer to Washington, for example, turning the supply Americans rocket engines RD-180 for their space program or close to American airlines flight corridors over Russia and even to impose to prohibit the importation of California wines. However, all these measures, hitting US simultaneously cause damage and Russia.

“Just the wine blockade,” writes the journalist.

As for the cessation of contact in the field of disarmament, have declared in the Kremlin, in terms of when Donald trump thinks about modernization of U.S. nuclear capacity and create space forces, it can hurt the city because the Pentagon will be given carte Blanche to implement any plans.

“There is another option to continue the war of consulates and the us to close the offices in Ekaterinburg and Vladivostok. Washington in response to closing of the Russian Consulate in Houston and new York. That’s all”, — concluded the expert.

We will remind, earlier the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called the U.S. sanctions a Declaration of “economic war”.

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