Notice only selected: photo-trick put the network to a standstill

Optical illusion with a picture of a leopard sparked controversy from users

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Заметят только избранные: фото-уловка поставила сеть в тупик

The photo with the leopard puzzled users of the network

Twitter account @BellaLack appeared a curious picture with an optical illusion. Some netizens in the comments have noted that the pictures are no wild beasts, others believe that there is and it is disguised as a leopard. The author of the post asked not to write the answer so that other can test yourself.

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The trick is to see only the chosen: the optical illusion put the network to a standstill

Most users wrote under the image that you do not see the animal, although look at the photo for a long time. However, there were the most attentive, who posted a photo with the circled in the editor animal.

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The predator merged with rocky terrain due to the spotted pattern. People marveled at the camouflage of the leopard, and several people have suggested that it is the stones in the photo no one.

Заметят только избранные: фото-уловка поставила сеть в тупик

Earlier “Today” I wrote, as a reflection of the cat in the mirror put the network to a standstill. In addition, we described how foot girl in the photo was an optical illusion.

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