Notice very difficult: an illusion in the photo put the network to a standstill

Many users felt that the “trick” in the frame to see the impossible

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Заметить крайне сложно: иллюзия на фото поставила сеть в тупик

Snake hid on the couch

On 19 July, the Australian company Snake Catchers Sunshine Coast of Queensland, specializing in the catching of reptiles, decided to see network users on the care and has published in Facebook a picture of the house, which was recently caught snake. It is reported by the tabloid Daily Mail.

Shown here is a summer veranda with table and sofa, surrounded by greenery. Many users felt that the snake on this frame to see the impossible, but some tried to find the answer. It turned out that in the picture there is a carpet Python, which is located on top of the pillows.

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Snake catcher named STU as proof, posted a video with a reptile from another angle. He also admitted that the puzzle was extremely difficult, but noted that to see the snake still possible.

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