“Notre Dame Cathedral”: the best adaptation of the novel by Victor Hugo

In the films revealed a well the way Quasimodo

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"Собора Парижской Богоматери": лучшие экранизации романа Виктора Гюго

The Film Adaptation Of “Notre Dame De Paris”

Monday, April 15, the whole world was disturbed by the news that the famous Notre Dame Cathedral on fire. The Cathedral became the “Main character” of the novel of Victor Hugo, survived the coronation, the wars, revolutions, executions, epidemics. Alas, something he could not survive. We offer you to look at five of the best adaptations of “Notre Dame de Paris”.

“Notre Dame De Paris”, 1956

This is a film by French Director Jean Delannoy. Starring in the film starred Gina Lollobrigida, Anthony Quinn, and Alain Cuny. They played Esmeralda, Quasimodo and Frollo. Critics highlighted the work of costumers that returns the viewer to the medieval Paris, and Gina Lollobrigida, who decided to play a Gypsy barefoot, as it was in the novel, received the award Bambi Awards in the category “Best actress”.

“The hunchback of Notre Dame”, 1982

The film is a joint production of the US and the UK, which was directed by Michael Tuchner. The role of Quasimodo in the film played by Anthony Hopkins, Esmeralda was played by Lesley-Anne Down, and Frollo Derek Jacobi. Then critics noted that Hopkins is quite touching in the image of the hunchback Quasimodo, and Leslie-Anne looks perfectly pair with him.

“The hunchback of Notre Dame”, 1996

Cartoon Disney “the Hunchback of Notre Dame”, whose Directors were kirk wise and Gary Trousdale. Based on animation of the painting was taken from the novel by Victor Hugo. According to the idea of screenwriter Tab Murphy, in the center of the story – not so much the hunchback Quasimodo, as the Gypsy dancer Esmeralda. Like almost all cartoons, this will be a happy ending. And although Esmeralda didn’t love Quasimodo as he wants, in the end everyone will be happy. Disney “the Hunchback” has received several awards, including an Oscar and a Golden globe.

“The hunchback of Notre Dame”, 1997

The British film Director Peter Medak. The role of Quasimodo got Mandy Patinkin and Esmeralda played by Salma Hayek. Frollo was played by Richard Harris. The plot of the film differs from what is written in the novel by Victor Hugo, for example, in the film Esmeralda and Quasimodo for 25 years, and in the book, Esmeralda was 16, and Quasimodo was four years more. The film received no awards.

“Quasimodo”, 1999

This film is Patrick Timsi “Quasimodo”, the main role in which she played her Director Patrick Timsi, Esmeralda played by Melanie Thierry, and Frollo – Richard berry. The Creator of the film changed not only the plot but also the characteristics of heroes. So, Esmeralda was the Kubinka tank Museum, it took care of the real parents of Quasimodo. But his hunchback and a deaf son, they planted, archdeacon Frollo. The action takes place in our days the town of El Paris, in the heart of the story – the investigation of massacres of local inhabitants, which I suspect – whom do you think? – Quasimodo.

We will remind, “Today” told about the most interesting facts about the Notre Dame Cathedral in France.

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