Notre-Dame of Paris: the beginning of the dismantling of the scaffolding

Notre-Dame de Paris: début des opérations de démontage de l'échafaudage

PARIS | The dismantling of the scaffolding of Our-Lady of Paris, bent and welded by the heat of the fire of the cathedral in April 2019, which began Monday, has found an AFP journalist, even if the cordistes not arrive that Tuesday.

Around 9: 45 p.m. , local workers have begun to climb the inside of the scaffolding, via a lift, for verification.

“In an operation like this, it is like a rocket before take-off, it is the final inspection before the arrival of the cordistes” Tuesday, said Christophe Rousselot, general delegate of the fondation Notre-Dame.

“One of the key points is the stability of the vault. When all this is settled, we will be very relieved, because the cathedral will be saved”, he estimated, citing “a very sensitive, very complicated, with a factor of non-negligible risk”. “There may be pieces that fall from the scaffolding and undermine such or such a part of the walls of the cathedral”, has developed Mr. Rousselot.

This scaffold is made up of 40 000 pieces, 200 tons of which half is located more than 40 metres high. It had been installed for the restoration of the spire of the gothic cathedral. If it has withstood the collapse of the spire in the fire of April 15, 2019, it has been warped by the heat.

It has first been “consolidated and then surrounded by metal beams, on three levels in order to stabilize it and prevent any risk of collapse,” said Sunday the public agency in charge of the restoration of the cathedral.

A second scaffolding was put in place and starting from Monday, “the two teams alternating five cordistes to descend closer to the charred portions for cutting, using saws, swords, metal tubes fused to each other.”

This operation must take place throughout the summer. The construction of Notre-Dame has undergone many vicissitudes between the introduction of measures against lead contamination, weathering the end of 2019 and the crisis of the sars coronavirus. He resumed progressively at the end of April.

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